Après l'OCDE c'est autour de Paul Krugman.

1/ Sur son billet "Europe Bashing" d'octobre 2007 il écrit :

[...] Also, tales of mass unemployment are greatly exaggerated. French residents in their prime working years, ages 25-54, are as likely to be employed as their American counterparts (the employment-population ratio is 80 percent for both). [...]

Un point déja abordé sur ce blog en ... avril 2006 dans le billet "Les manifestants français sont des dieux en économie". Lire aussi les billets "Where the jobless go...", "How the jobs are counted..." et "What the jobful get..." sur European Tribune pour plus de détails statistiques.

2/ Sur le New York Times il écrit toujours en octobre a propos de la régulation et des problèmes de l'immobilier USA "A Catastrophe foretold":

[...] So, once again, why was nothing done to head off this disaster? The answer is ideology.

In a paper presented just before his death, Mr. Gramlich wrote that “the subprime market was the Wild West. Over half the mortgage loans were made by independent lenders without any federal supervision.” What he didn’t mention was that this was the way the laissez-faire ideologues ruling Washington — a group that very much included Mr. Greenspan — wanted it. They were and are men who believe that government is always the problem, never the solution, that regulation is always a bad thing.

Unfortunately, assertions that unregulated financial markets would take care of themselves have proved as wrong as claims that deregulation would reduce electricity prices. [...]

Même conclusion donc que mon billet d'aout sur la crise financière et immbolière avec la citation de Greenspan :

[...] But regulation is not only unnecessary in these markets, it is potentially damaging, because regulation presupposes disclosure and forced disclosure of proprietary information can undercut innovations in financial markets just as it would in real estate markets. [...]

Sur ces observations, bonne année 2008 à tous, une année que je vous souhaite un peu moins enfumée par le tabac que les précédentes :).