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samedi 11 février 2006

Music, Religion and Society

Stumbling and Mumbling offers us an insightful view about music, religion and society:

[...] Having lost religion, then, we’ve lost musical skills. As Wikipedia’s remarkable entry on folk music points out, this is evident in Superbowls (and I’d add Cup finals); a few years ago, the crowd would sing the national anthem and Abide With Me. Today, some “star” is hired to do so. [...]

[...] When we regard music as something we consume rather than produce, it’s hard to rebuild musicianship; listening to a song as a consumer, and listening to it with the intention of playing it yourself are two very different things, as I’ve been discovering recently. [...]

Refreshing after all those talks about religion and recently.

mercredi 8 février 2006

Skeptical Optimist Quote of The Week

The Skeptical Optimist quote of the week touches recent musings of mine:

Those among us who are unwilling to expose their ideas to the hazard of refutation do not take part in the scientific game.

—Karl Popper, The Logic of Scientific Discovery, p.280

Now let's ping him about why economists don't make more efforts to publish their data to enable refutation or second look based on the same data: after all those hard efforts at collecting data and analyzing it, small efforts to anonymize when needed are certainly not in the realm of the impossible...